Monday, April 2, 2012

Angela Pellicciari: "The True Story of the Church."

Intervista di Angela Pellicciari a Radio Maria sulla GMG di Madrid 2011, intervengono telefonicamente: Giuseppe Gennarini, don Antonello Iappica in Italian.

Angela Pellicciari is mostly known for her revisionist works on the Renaissance and as an expert in relations between the Papacy and Freemasonry . In her first book, Risorgimento to be rewritten, starting from the Subalpine Parliament debates in the years 1848-55, reconstructs in detail the action taken by the elite liberal in parliament and in the country, towards the Catholic Church : the removal religious orders, confiscation and sale of their goods below cost to individuals. The 'Other Risorgimento is an informative text that shows the appearance of anti-Catholic Risorgimento throughout Italy.

The essay reconstructs the dirty laundry of the Thousand, from sources close to the Liberal party, the genesis and conduct of the Thousand. The work shows how the invasion of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and systems with which it was prepared and executed, are well away from the traditional historiography of the Risorgimento: with few written records (letters, diaries and pamphlets) three representatives of the liberal and pro- Savoy (the secretary of the National Society, Giuseppe La Farina , Admiral Charles Pellion Persano and Representative Boggio ) highlights the stables and the intrigues that led to the Savoy dynasty to the conquest of southern Italy. The Popes and Freemasonry, Pellicciari cites the facts and documents that show how the positions of the popes, strongly critical of Freemasonry, were fully justified by the historical events taking place.

"In dozens of speeches and encyclicals Pius IX says that things are not as liberal propaganda would have us believe, and denounces the fight to the death that the secret societies, beginning with the masonry, lead the world against the Catholic Church"