Thursday, May 31, 2012

The emotion and gratitude of Milan for the visit of the Pope

The institutions (Formigoni, Pisapia e Podestà) and the society (Guzzetti, Sangalli e Colombo Clerici) reflect on the 7th World Meeting of Families and on the extraordinary presence of the Holy Father

It’s growing up the expectation for an event who leaves a mark in Milan. In front of the presence of Benedict XVI and the participants at the 7th World Meeting of Families are prevailing moods of emotion and gratitude into the noises of the city, from both the institutions and the society of Milan.

«It’s with huge emotion and gratitude that I welcome the arrive in Milan of the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, and the thousands of families arriving from all the world for the 7th World Meeting of Families, said Roberto Formigoni, president of the Lombardy region. The institution of the family is a resource for this country and for our Region, we have to support and recognize it as a active subject in the civil society, with politics oriented to the sustainability. From many years the Lombardy region government has spent money in this direction to sustain the growth of persons, recognizing in particular the social and economic role of the family.»

«I’m very excite and happy to welcome the Holy Father in our city, affirm the mayor, Giuliano Pisapia, and at the same time with him a huge community of people arriving from 145 countries, a little part of the world. I’m conscious that family is the basic brick of society, it’s the truth column able to support who is more in difficulty. With my wife we have immediately decide to give hospitality to one of the families arriving for the 7th World Meeting of Families. We are very excited and curious to know who we will house. It will be nice to talk and discuss with them».

«Milan, for a week, will become the world capital of families, said the President of the Province, Guido Podesta. The 7th World Meeting of Families is more than an appointment, it accredits, in the presence of the international community, the basic unit of our society. It is, in fact, an opportunity to reflect on the indispensable pillar able to introduce the young people to life and to values??. This event allows to our country to put under the attention of the public institutions the role of the family, underlining the rapid changes that characterize today the world".

From reality of banks foundations emerge the opinion of Giuseppe Guzzetti, president of Cariple Foundation: “I believe the most important message that the Holy father will bring us with his visit, in the framework of the 7th World Meeting of Families, is to confirm the indisputable centrality of the family in our society, a inescapable factor and at the same time a central point we have to defend and support because everyone is and has a family. But same times we forget this simple and oblivious concept. Today our society is not organized and structured to support this development. The families, already seriously affected not only by the economic crisis but also by the social and values one, need to work (when there is a work). But I don’t lose the confidence because today as yesterday I see mothers and fathers fighting. Sometimes they fight without any response from the world.”

“In these difficult times we are living the 7th World Meeting with the Pope's arrival in Milan, it’s a moment that helps to find the meaning of our existence - said Carlo Sangalli, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan. It is a moment that is good for our city who becomes a crossroads of experiences, questions and important expectations for believers and nonbelievers. It is an expected moment also by our companies made ??by men - employers and workers - who are confronted with the great economic crisis. Companies are attentive to the families, because in Milan in 7 cases every 10 are made by families, and consider a value and an advantage to be familiar. From next Monday, I'm sure, this awareness will have even deeper roots."

But protecting families also means to point the attention to the primary needs. As underlined by Achille Colombo Clerici, President of Assoedilizia: "On the family, which remains the cornerstone of society, the heaviest tensions are discharge. Never as now seems to be necessary a strong call, an address for the losts, lays and Catholics who have a vision of hope: a reply can be given by VII World Meeting desired by Benedict XVI. One of the real problems afflicting especially the most sensitive and exposed component of society, young people - in addition to this work - is the house. Assoedilizia, which represents the primary asset, urges our governors, national and local incentive to solve the social function of private rent and offer concrete programs of social housing."
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