Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Great enthusiasm in the Parishes

A few days from the arrival of Benedict XVI, Milan is preparing to welcome families from around the world. The Parishes have been organizing the event for months, providing a total of 13,000 beds for pilgrims (34,000 are those prepared by 11,000 families in Lombardy Region).

The parish of Redentore (Milan, Loreto area) will host 105 people, forty of which will come from Cameroon and Ecuador. In the morning Eucharistic celebrations are planned as a time of feast: "The different hosted groups will prepare songs from their traditions, cultures and languages??," says Luca Luciani, a volunteer. The programme also includes the Festival for People, introducing different communities and a community lunch.

The parish of St. Ignazio di Loyola (Milan, Deanery of Lambrate) will bring thousand people at the Mass with the Pope. The parish of St. Michele Arcangelo (Milan, Deanery of Turro) will host two couples from Rwanda, 18 people from Madrid and 31 from the diocese of Chieti (with different periods of stay). As a matter of fact, the Deanery sustained a twinning with the diocese headed by Archbishop Bruno Forte: 70 pilgrims will be hosted by the parish of St. Giovanni Crisostomo. 440 passes for the Mass which will be celebrate on Sunday, 3 June with the Pope in Bresso have been issued (32 people of Eritrean community, 10 from Sri Lanka, in addition to three special pass for disabled people).

The Comboni Sisters in the parish of St. Teresa del Bambin Gesù in Gorla will host other sisters coming from Italy in the last night of the meeting, as well as three families. The Parish of St. Antonio Maria Zaccaria (Deanery of Navigli) which has been providing a stay for seven years to the children of Chernobyl is also hosting elderly people.

The Deanery of Cologno Monzese and Vimodrone will host in their own parishes seven Palestinian families from Bethlehem who will attend the Theological-Pastoral Congress. In preparation to this, social occasions for exchanging ideas are foreseen.

The deanery and the pastoral Palestinian have been keeping in touch since a long time thanks to a nun of Vimodrone who lives in Bethlehem

In the Pastoral Community of Cesano Maderno - after the public meeting in March with Cardinal Angelo Scola - young people have organized events in preparation to Family 2012.

Lecco has planned two meetings organized by the Deanery. The first about "Taking care of the family", and the second one about "The Man’s Work", with testimonies of those who have experienced difficulties at work, but also hopes to restart with. In the parish of Castello (Lecco) a group of young people organized a “happy hour” in the bar of the Parish. The sale of drinks and cakes has allowed to collect contributions in order to support families coming from poor countries.
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