Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bridgeport former priest Kevin Wallin: FBI Paints a Lurid, often times seemed more Bizarre and Outlandish

Federal Investigation Paints Lurid Picture of Bridgeport Priest Involved in Meth Distribution Ring

A 40-year-old Manchester man was also arrested and indicted this week in a cross-country methamphetamine distribution ring that federal investigators said resulted in thousands of dollars in sales of the drug each week.

More questions than answers remained this week after federal investigators and state police broke up a sophisticated cross-country methamphetamine distribution ring that they said involved a Bridgeport priest, a Manchester man and three other individuals that, according to affidavits in the case, often times seemed more bizarre and outlandish than an episode of the popular TV series "Breaking Bad."

According to a statement released Wednesday by United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut David B. Fein, Drug Enforcement Administration agents and members of the Connecticut State Police’s Statewide Narcotics Task Force joined forces to bust up a methamphetamine distribution ring spearheaded by Bridgeport priest Kevin Wallin, 61, that saw "bulk quantities" of the drug, more commonly known as crystal meth, shipped from California to Wallin's Waterbury apartment, then re-packed "in various quantities and in color-coded Ziploc bags" and sold locally to users and other dealers.


- By David Moran, Patch