Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cardinal Angelo Scola: intellectual from a humble background

February 20, 2013 The archbishop of Milan, Angelo Scola, was born 71 years ago in Malgrate, in northern Italy. He is the smallest of two brothers, his father was a trucker and his mother, a housewife. He met Benedict XVI more than 40 years ago. Between 1986 and 1991, Scola was an adviser on the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, led by Joseph Ratzinger.  

They share a passion for theology. Cardinal Angelo Scola was the editor of Communio, a theological magazine founded by Ratzinger and other theologians in 1972.

Cardinal Scola has also been a member of Communion and Liberation. He admitted that the group's founder helped him rediscover Jesus during his teenage years.

Archbishop of Milan (Italy)

“Between 14 and 18 the greatest influence I had as a high school student was as the son of a convinced socialist worker. So then I began to progressively move away from a Christian commitment to a more sociopolitical, oriented more towards the Communist Party. So by meeting Father Luigi Giussani, he made me rediscover the beauty of Christ's teachings.”
His life thereafter revolved around his studies and his investigative work. He served as a professor at Fribourg in Switzerland, and the rector for Rome's Lateran University. He also uses Twitter actively, where he commonly cites phrases from sources different as the Gospel of St. Luke or poet Rainer Maria Rilke.