Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oliver O’Grady: Deliver Us From Evil !

Former priest Oliver O’Grady was sentenced in Dublin to three years in prison after thousands of movies, clips and audio bites of graphic child pornography were found on his laptop. O’Grady previously served seven years in prison in America for child abuse.

The 65-year-old defrocked priest served the seven years after he was found guilty of rape, molestation, and lewd and lascivious acts on children during his time as a priest in California.

O’Grady was the subject of the 2006 Academy Award-nominated documentary Deliver Us From Evil. O'Grady said he wanted the film to serve as the "most honest confession of [his] life." He detailed how he preyed on children, and claims Church officials knew about his abuses but protected him by moving him from parish to parish

- Irish Central