Sunday, February 10, 2013

“Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man.” - (Luke 5: 8)

Isaiah and the Gospel of today’s readings present a reaction that is very spontaneous in human beings when they are conscious of being in the presence of the Transcendent. We are blinded by the divine light that unexpectedly rips the shadowy veil that ordinarily impedes our grasp of this substantial and permanent immersion in the divine. We discover our own inadequacy, and we are overcome by a feeling of discomfort. We want to flee, to hide, to disappear, but we find ourselves assailed on every side and there is no means of escape.

This is an experience we often have because the divine pursuit is permanent. God loves us so much and thus continually seeks us, always however, respecting our freedom. He waits for us to capitulate, but sometimes He lifts the veil, and lets His light inundate us. Then we find that we are immensely little, with impure lips, as Isaiah says.

The shadows cannot resist the rays of the noon day sun. We are grasped by a holy fear and cry out, ‘where can I fly from your presence!’ (Cf Psalm 139) Adam’s reaction to hide himself seems to continue within us. But the Lord tells us reassuringly, “Do not be afraid!” Allow yourself to be absorbed by the light and you will become light and be able to illumine those who are still in darkness and are not even aware of it.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will reflect that God wants me involved in the mission of being a light for others who are still in darkness and in need of salvation. I too am asked to be a fisher of people, bringing others to the Lord.

Lord, sustain me with Your grace so that I may humbly put my poverty at Your disposition. Here I am Lord, send me!

The Voice of St. Teresa of Jesus, Mystic Doctor of the Church

The fear that the soul feels when God wants to grant some great favor is a reverential fear that takes over the spirit.

- Living Scripture