Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fr. Lombardi: An invitation to accurate reporting on great moment in life of Church

Pope Benedict XVI is studying a Motu Proprio regarding norms governing the Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis, but “no date has been set yet for its promulgation” and if there are changes to the Constitution governing papal transitions and the Sede Vacante “they will probably be small ones”, announced the Director of the Holy See press office Thursday in his latest briefing. Emer McCarthy reports

Fr. Lombardi was flanked by Basilian priest and Canadian native Fr. Thomas Rosica who has flown in specially to aid the Vatican spokesman over the coming week, in translating for English language press.

Together, they addressed mounting press speculation regarding a number of issues in the lead up to Pope Benedict’s resignation in exactly one weeks time. Such as the date for the beginning of the conclave.

Fr. Lombardi noted – and not for the first time – that the date is decided by the cardinals when they gather in their first Congregation. He said “the date has not yet been established for the beginning of the meetings of the Cardinals although it’s recommended that it take place as soon as possible after the beginning of the Sede Vacante, its being worked on right now and it will be announced”.


Vatican Radio