Monday, February 11, 2013

“Let us make man in our image.” (Genesis 1: 26)

The origin of our existence as human beings is the free decision of God and not by chance. It is a decision written on a bright horizon that frees us from our fragility. We are made of the stuff of this ‘plural universe’, a tiny, ephemeral fragment of it. Yet, with the insuppressible call to transcend ourselves deriving from the imprint of the Source from which we have sprung.

Ours is a God who calls us by name and opens dialogue. In our insatiable curiosity that questions the universe, we find a God of dialogues because He is a God of Love. We have a Triune God who seeks a ‘you’ able to respond to Him freely and able to enter into a relationship in which to reach fulfillment. God designed us with a human face and an insuppressible need to mirror our face in another face that is ‘flesh of our flesh’. Thence we are drawn beyond to an initial dialogue with the Word who became flesh for us. In Jesus, we can achieve our full humanity.

Every time the relational dimension becomes less or is destroyed, we experience an incurable wound within ourselves. It is as though a part of us were taken away. All the aggressiveness we see in society and in ourselves, all the lives that are spent focused on self, are the fruit of the attempt to mar this image of a God who dialogues.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will ask myself how I live as God’s image. Have I emarginated some people, canceled them from my interest, thus starting a process of death for them and for myself as well?

Lord, You invite us to be fruitful, to communicate life. Help me to pronounce the name of my sisters and brothers as You pronounce mine, and keep me in existence. Help me to leave space for the others and the right to be fully themselves.

- Living Scriture