Wednesday, February 20, 2013

“My trust is in you, O Lord…in your hands is my destiny; rescue me…” (Psalm 31)

The whole of today’s Liturgy allows us to deepen another aspect of our ‘return’, of the conversion of those who recognize their sinfulness and seek to change. This is the central movement of Lent and of our life. When we walk, it is easy to make a mistake. Then we may think that to correct our error requires a lot of humility and strength to fight against the interior energies. This may lead us to feel a sense of guilt and discouragement that block us from seeking the good. Conversion helps us to return to the truth of ourselves, of our identity. This movement may arise from fear of punishment, but it may also arise from love, from the desire to not harm persons we love, to not betray commitments we have taken.

Contrition is an old word, but it well describes the situation of those who have distanced themselves from God and are now consumed, fatigued, reduced to pieces. This happens to the body and it happens to the spirit as well. Sometimes this is all we have to offer God. This is where our return begins. We are at the end of our rope and we decide to turn the page, to change direction, and so we turn to God. Seeing our availability, God does not make us wait. He takes our contrite heart and consoles it. He forgives us and loves us. This is a difficult experience because it requires a lot of humility.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will ask God to help me to experience this beneficial experience that renews life, penetrates me to my core, breaking the flux of negative thoughts, and healing my heart.

Lord, today I give You my contrite heart. Your love will renew it. Your mercy will purify it and make it capable of loving without rancor, without reserve, without fear.

- Living Scripture