Friday, March 8, 2013

Third Friday of Lent:“The first is this, Hear, O Israel.” (Mark 12: 28)

These are Jesus’ words in response to an intellectual of His times who had asked Him which was God’s greatest commandment. Jesus answers with an admirable synthesis of all the commandments of the Jewish Torah Then He will tell him that it is the precept of love, the love of God as the source of the other love that comes as its consequence, the love of neighbor. Of great importance is the premise with which Jesus starts this important response, ‘Hear, O Israel’.

A thinker has defined our epoch as the epoch of ‘NON HEARING’. If this true, we can well understand the emphasis that Jesus gives, placing the command to hear at the beginning of His teaching.

The world is pervaded by the empty torrent of the rapidly multiplying sources of information often contradictory, by the loud commercial centers, the continual chatter of publicity. We run the risk of having wax filling our ears, especially our interior ears, which prevent us from hearing God’s Word.

There is only one therapy. We must make a firm commitment to daily listening and this must find an environment of silence, solitude, and the attention of our mind and heart.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will decide to find time and space in my daily life for attentive listening to God’s voice within me. This will restore me both physically and mentally and give my spiritual life the opportunity to deepen and grow.

Lord, grant that I may open myself to listen to Your Word each day and to do so faithfully.

- Living Scripture