Saturday, March 23, 2013

What is Palm Sunday?

  The Sunday before Easter is known as Palm Sunday

It celebrates Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem for the Jewish festival of Passover.

Great crowds of people lined the streets waving palm branches to welcome him.

The people were very excited.

They spread branches on the road – and even laid down their clothes.

They shouted 'Hosanna!' which means 'Save us Now!'

Why is it called Palm Sunday?

The Sunday before Easter is called Palm Sunday because the crowds waved palm branches as they followed Jesus' procession into Jerusalem.

Why did Jesus go to Jerusalem?

It was the time of the Jewish feast of Passover. Many Jews travelled to Jerusalem to celebrate this feast together.

What happens on Palm Sunday in Ireland?

On Palm Sunday, children are given crosses made from single palm leaves. Traditionally, many churches will have a procession in or around the church while people sing songs of praise and wave palm leaves. This is to help them imagine what Jesus' entry into Jerusalem might have been like.

Pax Cakes

In some churches small buns called pax cakes (symbolic of peace and goodwill) are given to the congregation as they leave after a Palm Sunday service.

What happens to any Palm crosses left over?

Any left over Palm Crosses are kept and burned to make ashes for next years Ash Wednesday services (see Ash Wednesday )