Tuesday, March 12, 2013

“Wherever this water comes the sea will be made fresh.” (Ezekiel 47: 8)

Ezekiel today presents us with the sea and the temple and the altar. The underlying reality is Christ, the Rock, the Temple, and the Altar. From His pierced side, the waters begin to flow as a vivifying wave that enters into the open sea of history through the power of the Incarnation, and it makes the waters fresh. Those who have the courage to immerse in them, believing in God’s, word will re-discover the capacity to walk again, taking up the pallet on which they were nailed by their infirmity. They will no longer be overcome by the negativity that weighed down their step. They will be able to dominate it and transform oppressive weight into crosses which, united to that of Christ, will open radiant roads of salvation for them and for others.

This is the story of our daily life because the river of living waters that came from Christ’s side have not dried up but have become a torrent that continues to flow into the open sea with its healing power.

The waters are not violated in their nature but healed, made fecund, so that life triumphs over death through Jesus’ resurrection.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will fix my gaze on Jesus’ pierced side and nourish my hope through it. As a Christian, I will find in Christ the certainty that even in this dark hour, God will make His light shine through. I will seek to collaborate with God by my daily actions.

You, Lord, are the light that overcomes the darkness. You are the water that quenches my thirst. You are the wave that heals all. Effuse over me and all of humanity, Your Holy Spirit and all will be renewed.

- Living Scriture