Sunday, April 7, 2013


In this short Gospel passage, the greeting of Jesus, ‘Peace be with you’, resounds three times.  The greeting is identified with the Messianic well-being, a biblical reality that goes far beyond the mere absence of war and conflict.  Nor is it to be identified with a state of tranquility.  Peace means the fullness of all that is positive, the fullness of being, and can only come from God as His gift!

It is a gift that flows from the cross; the bridge connecting Heaven and earth and embracing all of humanity.  It reconstructs the unity sin had broken and now rebuilt in the Name of Christ, the Incarnate Word who was immolated and raised, and given to us as a gift and as a sign.

It is in fact, an essentially relational reality and, as a consequence, to accept humbly and joyfully.  This in turn implies a commitment to be authentically faithful to Christ and to His teachings.
Although fragile and limited, the human person can once more see the divine image God imprinted on it and may turn to God and others with love.

Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will let Christ’s peace fill my heart with joy and I will thank Him for His great love. 

- Living Scripture