Sunday, May 26, 2013

“Jesus Christ, from being rich, made himself poor for us so that we might become rich through his poverty.” (2 Corinthians 8:9))

In this passage, St. Paul expresses himself with a paradox of blazing light about the mystery of God that is capable of overturning situations of stagnation and negativity and transform the very darkness into light, evil into good, and death into life.

Here, the paradox is played out on the opposites of poverty and riches.  It is such a contrast for those who say the world is the world, and riches mean the contrary of poverty.  One annuls the other.  Yet, how has it happened that we, who were poor because we were deprived of grace, have become rich in God’s eyes?

Paul tells us that Jesus is God’s Son, infinitely rich as such, by becoming human, clothed Himself in our existential poverty.  He became a human being like us, fragile in strength, submitted to physical needs, to fatigue, to suffering, to death.  All this so that we, on the contrary, might be clothed in His riches, and that, through grace, we might become beloved children and participants in God’s nature.  If we do not say no to Him with sin, we have already assured through hope, our citizenship in Heaven, and sure happiness in the life that lasts forever.

- Living Scripture