Monday, June 3, 2013

Pope Francis: "The corrupt do a lot of harm to the Church"

“They slowly slipped on that autonomy, the independence in their relationship with God: ‘We don’t need a Master: he shouldn’t come and disturb us!’ And we go forward with this. These are the corrupt! These were sinners like all of us, but they have taken a step beyond that, as if they were confirmed in their sin: they don’t need God! But this is only on the outside, for in their genetic code a relationship with God still exists. And since they can’t deny this, they make 'a special god': they themselves are god. These are the corrupt.”

“Judas was the first: from a greedy sinner, he ended in corruption. The road of autonomy is a dangerous one: the corrupt are very forgetful, they have forgotten how lovingly God made them, the vineyard! They severed the relationship with this love! And they become worshipers of themselves. How bad are the corrupt in the Christian community! May the Lord deliver us from sliding down this road of corruption.”

“And then there are the saints. I like to speak about saints, on the 50th anniversary of the death of Pope John XXIII, a model of holiness. In today's Gospel, he added, saints are those who go to collect the rent from the vineyard. They do not know what awaits them, but they do their duty anyways.”

“The saints are those who obey the Lord, those who worship the Lord, those who have not lost the memory of the love with which the Lord has made the vineyard: the saints in the Church. Just as the corrupt do so much harm to the Church, the saints do so much good. The apostle John says of the corrupt that they are the antichrist, that they are among us, but they do not belong to us. About the saints, the Word of God tells us they are like light, ‘that they will be before the throne of God in adoration.’ Today we ask the Lord for the grace to understand that we are sinners, true sinners. Not just broad sinners, but sinners with regard to this, that, and all other things; concrete sins, with the concreteness of sin. The grace to not become corrupt: sinners, yes; corrupt, no! And the grace to walk in the path of holiness. So be it.”


Vatican Radio