Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Silence and the Radical Christian Life

Here is a great reflection for Lent. The following comes from the Sinners Guide:

Silence should be part of every Christian’s life. Unfortunately silence is becoming more and more scarce in our society. It doesn’t come without Cultivation.

Why is silence so important? Every baptized Catholic has the threefold vocation of Priest, Prophet and King. We cannot fully take up the role of Prophet without first cultivating silence in our everyday life. Why? Being a prophet is more than proclaiming the Truths handed to us from the Church. God speaks to us all individually and we each have a part in His plan and a unique message for the world. We will never hear that message that is deep inside us without cultivating silence in our every day life.

Its not easy to find times when we can be in solitude to try and work towards that special silence where we can really communicate on a deeper level with God. Solitude and Silence certainly never came easy for me. Before I was married it was pretty common for me to have the television or radio on all day. As soon as I got home I would turn one of them one for some “background” noise. Once I got married I really learned from my wife to cherish silence she hates background noise and rarely ever wants the television or radio on. Now with my busy life (like most everyone else) I have to wake up early to find time for silence. It has to be a priority for me or it won‘t happen.
Some tips to help cultivate silence in your daily life:

Make it a priority. Set aside time each day to not only pray but listen to God
Make it the same time each day. This builds a habit and shows how important it is to us
Turn off EVERYTHING. (TV, Radio, Cell Phone, Laptop Etc.)
Write down things that are distracting you. For example things you need to accomplish
Work hard to keep your mind on the conversation with God
Use the little times to practice. (In the car, the shower, as you are falling asleep)
Most of all: Ask God for his help. He wants to speak to each one of us. His message is personal.

“Solitude enables you to make contact with yourself, a necessity if you want to realize yourself- not to repeat like a parrot a few acquired formulas, but to be the prophet of God within you who speaks a unique language to each man”

A. G. Sertillanges, O.P.

Oh that my people would listen to me…

Psalm 81:13

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