Monday, November 18, 2013

Bishop Liam Cary: reassignment on Hold for Rev. James Radloff

The bishop of the Baker Diocese has withdrawn a reassignment to tiny Merrill for former St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church pastor the Rev. James Radloff.

In a letter sent to Radloff last week, Bishop Liam Cary wrote that due to several of Radloff's Facebook postings in late October, as well as “other developments," Cary no longer plans to send the priest to Merrill, a town of about 900 people southeast of Klamath Falls. Radloff had been expected to begin working in Merrill at the end of November.

Radloff, who had headed up the church since 2011, was stripped of his position Oct. 1. In a statement at the time, Cary did not explain why Radloff was being removed, saying only that the priest had done nothing illegal and remained a priest in good standing.

Radloff then appealed to the Congregation for Clergy at the Vatican, requesting his removal be reversed and the reasons he was dismissed be made public.

The Rev. W. Thomas Faucher, serving as Radloff's canonical adviser and procurator, said the Congregation for Clergy had three months to issue a decision.

“Until that appeal is decided, there cannot be a new pastor appointed to St. Francis," Faucher said.
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