Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bo Giertz: The Father of Lies...The Devil

“People often think they are free when they put themselves above God’s commands and don’t do what He wants. Actually, they only stop serving one power and begin serving another.” This is what Jesus explains in our reading today. There is one who is the father of lies. The devil “was a murderer from the very beginning…There is no truth in him.” To put ourselves above God’s commands is to sin, and to sin doesn’t make us free of God’s holy commands, it only makes us a slave to sin. When we are slaves to sin our father is the devil, and if the devil is our father than there is no chance of life, for he was (to come full circle) a murderer from the beginning.

But then, there is Christ who gives life. Christ, being God, has the power by His Word to set us free and bring us to eternal life. This is why He so passionately invites us to hear His Word. “Abide in my word…and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free…

“Abide in my word.” Our Lord invites us to gladly hear His word, eagerly listen to it, and fervently learn it. So often we take these words as a burden of responsibility, but if we only perceived reality with God’s wisdom we would more readily see it as the gracious invitation to life which Jesus gives.

Day 21: Tuesday, March 25
Read John 8:31-59


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