Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Father Weekend

What a weekend of catechesis,  prayers and communion with our Catechist's at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Costa Mesa, California this weekend!

..."Opening your Ears to the word of God, instead of listening to the lies of the Devil!

...Prayer, Humility and to announce the goods news of the Gospel.

To put God first above everything else for the sake of your Salvation and Family!"

I still have a ways to Go!...Lord, have mercy on this poor soul.

 This come from Statute's of NCW:
Art. 20

phase: rediscovery of the catechumenate] 
The second phase of the Neocatechumenate is a time
of spiritual battle to acquire the
of the new man who loves God as the only
Lord, with all his heart, with all his
mind, with all his strength,
and his neighbor as himself.
. The neocatechumens’ formation in liturgical and contemplative prayer and
culminates with the catechesis on the Lord’s
Prayer and in a celebration the Our Father, “
synthesis of the whole Gospel”,
is handed over to them anew.
Henceforth, on the weekdays of
Advent and Lent, before going to
work, they begin to have a communitarian celebration of Lauds
and the Office of Readings in the parish,
with a time of contemplative prayer. 
The neocatechumens are initiated to become “little ones”
and to live in filial
abandonment to the fatherhood of God, protected by
the maternity of Mary and the Church, and
in fidelity to the Successor of Peter and to the bishop.
For this reason, before the handing over of
the “Our Father”, the neocatechumens make a 
pilgrimage to a Marian Shrine to welcome the
Virgin Mary as mother
and they profess their faith at the tomb of Saint Peter and make an act
of adherence to the Holy Father.
In this step, the neocatechumens study in a systematic way the individual petitions of the
“Our Father” and themes regarding the Virgin 
Mary: Mother of the Church, New Eve, Ark of the
Covenant, Image of the Christian, etc.

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