Monday, April 14, 2014

In Today's Reading: John 18:19-40

Betrayed, denied, tried. Piece by piece the whole world turns its back on Jesus, the one who came to save it. The only man ever to live in innocence and purity is falsely accused and will receive a sentence of death. In an added twist of irony a guilty man, instead of the innocent, is pardoned and released. This is the summary of our condition and God’s redemption. We reject, betray, and deny God with each act of sin. We put God on trial, questioning His timing, His presence, His reasons for the way things are in the world. In our sinfulness we flip everything upside down. However, in His grace God turns everything upside down as well. We who are actually the guilty ones are released because the one who was innocent received our condemnation.

Prayer: ...Lord, forgive me of all my sins, which I realize reject You as the One True God and Lord of my life. As I live in Your promise; dead to sin and raised to a new life, be patient with me and in Your mercy do not cast me away from Your presence but restore me in Your salvation.


Monday, April 14

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