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Archbishop Samuel Aquila: Iraq’s Army POWs captured by ISIS, horrific Mass Slaughters reminiscent to what we saw during Nazi Germany

ISIS just released a video showing what they claim are Iraq’s Army POWs captured by ISIS, driven away in truck loads and then shot them all dead. The video caption stated that there were 1,500 individuals. The video shows their end being shot at point blank in several horrific mass slaughters reminiscent to what we see during Nazi Germany. The young teens begged for their lives as they were made to curse Al-Maliki but to no avail while they were forced to chant “long live the Muslim nation”. were the first to discover the video.

The voice speaks how they captured soldiers covering their uniforms with civilian cloths. Then they show soldiers pleading cursing Maliki while other chant “long live Islamic Nation”. The last man they slapped as they went down to the river had part of his back showing as his shirt was short and they blurred his skin lest it was sexually arousing. Then they are seen shooting the captives in the head and tossing them in the river under a pool of blood as the narrator from the ISIS stated victoriously:

We will revenge and will return measure with measures … soon the Muslim will walk everywhere dignified with his head high …

After the men were executed and tossed in the river the voice goes to say “Here was the spark ignited in Iraq. It will arise Allah willing until they burn the armies of the cross in Dabiq“.

According to Islam, Dabiq is a prophetic battle which speaks of the Last Hour (Day of Judgment) would not come until the Christian masses would land at Dabiq (in Syria) and they will be defeated and then the cross is finally destroyed and all Christian survivors that are left will convert to Islam.

The reason for throwing victims in the river stems from Khalid bin Walid. When the Christians and Persians from Ullays turned down a peace offer by Khalid bin Al-Walid, the most respected Muslim general in Muslim history.

The story goes that when Khalid made a vow to Allah during the battle that if he defeated these resistors, he would make the canal that surrounded their village literally run with their blood. When the outcome was in Khalid’s favor, it actually took a day and a half to behead all of the captives. The obstacle for Khalid was that the ravine of blood coagulated and Khalid’s troops were forced to eventually release water into the canal in order that it would run red with the blood of the slain lest Khalid’s vow be left unfulfilled.

Some of Khalid’s men wanted to meticulously fulfill his wishes:

Even if you were to kill all the population of the earth, their blood would still not run… Therefore send water over it, so that you may fulfill your oath.

Khalid had blocked the water from the canal. Now Khalid brought the water back, so that it flowed with spilled blood. Owing to this it has been called Blood Canal to this day. (1)

But this is not an ancient phenomenon. Today the world can watch it in the clip.


(1) At-Tabari, Vol XI, The Challenge to the Empires, In series: The History of at- Tabari, (Ta’rikh al-rasul wa’l-muluk), Translated by K.Y. Blankkinship, SUNY series in near Eastern Studies, Bibliotheca Persica, State University of New York Press, Albany New York, 1993, p.44-45 Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Jarir At-Tabari, the early Islamic historian and theologian recorded this event “Khalid said, O Allah, if you deliver their shoulders to us, I will obligate myself to You not to leave any one of them whom we can overcome until I make their canal run with their blood.’ Then Allah defeated them for the Muslims and gave their shoulders to them. Khalid then commanded to his herald to proclaim to his men, ‘Capture! Capture! Do not kill any except he who continues to resist.’ As a result the cavalry brought prisoners in droves, driving them along. Khalid had detailed certain men to cut off their heads in the canal. He did that to them for a day and a night. They pursued them the next day and the day after, until they reached the Nahrayn and the like of that distance in every direction from Ullays. And Khalid cut off their heads.”

Here is the latest column from Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver, reprinted from the Denver Catholic Register.

For the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians,” Patriarch Louis Sako said after the July 19 noon deadline passed. Mosul has been a city with a Christian presence for more than 1,700 years, but now the radical militant group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has banished them and is trying to expand its territory.

Our brothers and sisters in the faith were told that they must leave their homes and uproot their families if they wanted to keep the faith. If they stayed they had two choices: convert to Islam or die. As the distraught families left they were forced to hand over any money or valuables and stripped of their passports.

In Mosul, ISIS members tagged the homes of Christians with the red spray-painted Arabic letter “N” for Nazarene. This means that the home and anything in it can be plundered and occupied by one of their followers. Christians were not the only ones to be targeted, as Shiite Muslims had their homes painted with the letter “R” for being “Rejecters” of the fighters’ radical brand of Sunni Islam.

With the Christians gone, ISIS has started burning historic churches, monasteries and Shiite mosques. One mosque that was demolished was a former Catholic monastery that contained the tomb of the prophet Jonah. It had been a site of pilgrimage for Christians and Muslims for centuries but is now a pile of rubble.

The auxiliary bishop of Baghdad, Shlemon Warduni, also described how the elderly, the sick and small children are being treated by the militants. He lamented, “We ask ourselves, ‘Why is this happening, these things against human dignity, against God, against mankind? These (militants) rip the medicines from the hands of children, small children and throw them on the ground.”

I join my voice to Pope Francis’ and the many others who have condemned and cried out against this grave injustice. It is clear from their actions that ISIS is unable to enter into dialogue and cannot be trusted to protect Christians or other minorities. It is their way or death.

So what should we do now? First, we need to express our solidarity with our fellow Christians in the Middle East through material and spiritual support. We must pray and fast for our enemies and their change of heart as Jesus commands us in the Gospel. You can also donate to agencies that are still operating amidst the chaos, like Catholic Relief Services, Aid to the Church in Need and the International Catholic Migration Network.

By taking action and standing in solidarity with those who are persecuted, you will grow in courage and mercy. These are essential virtues needed for the times in which we live and we must desire them in our hearts if peace is to come about. These two virtues are also needed for your efforts to protect our religious freedom in Colorado and nationwide.

The second thing we should do in the wake of these atrocities is reflect on how they underscore the crucial importance of religious freedom for having a civilized society. But do not stop with thinking about it. All of us should become actively engaged in the political system to protect our religious rights and to work for the common good in the light of the Gospel and our faith.

Religious freedom is not just the ability to worship in a house of prayer. For Christians it is the ability to be Christian, to let our faith impact the way we work, shop, make decisions, form our families, run our charities and businesses and interact with the rest of society. Truly encountering Jesus and his Church is so powerful that it doesn’t just affect what we do on Sundays, it affects our whole lives.

As Americans, we have been blessed to live in a country that has valued faith, and for the most part, respected the right to practice it freely. But the government’s support for faith is growing increasingly weaker. The most recent evidence of this erosion is President Obama’s executive order that adds individuals with same-sex attraction and “transgendered” people to a list of protected classes for hiring done by federal employers and contractors. The most telling aspect of this order is that it does not include any religious exemption, despite repeated requests for one.

The best defense against this is the involvement of people of authentic faith in the political system, at all levels. After the defeat of Colorado’s Senate Bill 175, several people told me that praying and acting to defeat the bill was the first political thing they had done in years. Some people even said that they had not voted in the last three election cycles because they had given up hope in government!

But the Christian attitude toward politics must be one of hope, because Christ can overcome anything. The evil one wants us to become hopeless and despair, but Jesus’ resurrection tells us otherwise. With God all things are possible for the good and the true, but we as human beings must receive and act on this truth. We are called to be people of hope who place our trust in Christ to help us make his kingdom more of a reality here on earth.

I pray that everyone who reads this column or hears about it will act to help our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, and in doing so, that they will receive the grace to be courageous in the defense of religious freedom in our country as well.

Let us pray for the persecuted and their persecutors, and let us give witness to our faith no matter the cost, even if it leads us to the cross of Jesus Christ! May the afflicted be consoled by God’s grace and the hope of heaven.

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