Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Watchtower Victims Memorial Day – July 26th

Tens of thousands of former and current Jehovah’s Witnesses have lost their lives or have sacrificed their family, their health, and their emotional well-being due to the harmful policies of this religion. Some have refused lifesaving medical treatment including blood transfusions and organ transplants, while others are completely shunned by their family for simply leaving the religion, including young ones.

Still others must endure horrific violence on a daily basis, as women are encouraged to stay with abusive men in the hopes of converting them, and child sex assault victims must produce a second witness to their attack before their accusations are heard. Rape victims may face severe shunning for “fornication,” and child abuse in the form of extreme discipline is often encouraged.

July 26, 2014, marks the inaugural Watchtower Victims Memorial Day. On this day, people from around the world are invited to leave a flower and card or another small memorial at a local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is encouraged to take a picture or make a video of the memorial to post on the official Facebook page, and to be sure the card or memorial includes the Facebook page address so that others may learn its meaning.

For those who must remain anonymous or who do not wish to visit a Kingdom Hall, a memorial might be left in a public park. Participation should be in any way that is comfortable for each individual.



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