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Worldpriest: The Seven Sacraments

The Seven Sacraments

There is no greater gift that to give the gift of Christ to another.

The Year of Faith called for by Pope Benedict XVI began on Thursday, 11th of October 2012, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and the 20th anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. During the coming year, we plan to produce a seven-part, series on the seven Sacraments as they give life, healing and mission to a Christian's life of faith.

There is an untapped treasure of Priests who are very gifted teachers. Their passion and love of the faith reflects the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the world. Their zeal for evangelization burns within their hearts. The Priesthood has a special calling to promote the faith and to minister the Sacraments.

The Laity play a key role in the renewal of the Church also. They are a vital link in the chain of evangelization. Yet falling Mass attendance over the past twenty years is rapidly leading to a generation with little or no knowledge of the faith. Many parents and young adults do not know the very basics of the faith; they are unable to pass it on to family, friends or even the next generation. There is an urgent need of educational programs which go back to basics.

In this seven part series on the Sacraments we intend to interview and film priests who will explain the Sacraments in a clear and simple manner thus promoting and supporting the priesthood and the faith together.

Distribution plan:
We will promote the series through Catholic TV Networks, Worldpriest Social Media, Catholic Dioceses Worldwide, Educational Organisations, Worldpriest News Letter, religious publications (on and off-line) and also at Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.

Advantages of this TV series:
The series will provide a simple educational tool for Family, Schools, Parishes and Individuals alike. It is a contribution by Worldpriest to the Year of Faith and a means of evangelisation.

The series will have the full approval of World Priest Episcopal, Advisor Archbishop Michael Neary. The content will be in union with the Churches' teachings on the Sacraments. We will use all the latest technology and media tools to produce, promote and sell our series, through internet, schools, parishes, homes and on TV. In time we hope to make this series available in many different languages. The Presentation of this series "Back to Basics" will be educational, dynamic, thought provoking and inspirational.

Worldpriest is a non-profit organization with full charity status in Ireland and the USA with a 501 (C) (3). We have everything ready to start filming this important series but we need funding to begin. Your financial support great or small can help us to make this programme series a reality.

Our short promo featured here is for you to view, please take a few minutes of your time to watch it and see for yourself the vision we have for this important series on the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church.

Be a Sponsor for the entire series or sponsor one of the seven part series by mailing a check.

All you need is your check book your pen & an open heart of generosity.

You in return will receive many blessings we promise to pray for you daily and also seek your daily prayers for this unique WORLDPRIEST APOSTOLATE.

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