Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pope John Paul II: The Neocatechumenal Communities

“My dearest ones, we are living in a period in we are experi
encing a radical confrontation

and I say this, because it is also my
experience over many years

a radical confrontation that is everywhere. There is no one single manifestation of this, it is diverse
in the world; faith and anti
faith, Gospel and anti
Gospel; Church and anti
Church, God and anti
God, if we can put it like that. An
God does not exist, an anti
god cannot exist, but an anti
god can exist in man, the radical denial of God can be created in
man. We are living this experience in our hist
ory, and more so than in previous times. In this age of ours, we nee to rediscover a
radical faith, radically understood, radically lived and radically fulfilled. We have need of such a faith. I hope that our experience is
born with such a perspective, and
may lead towards a healthy radicalisation of our Christianity, of our faith, towards an authentic
evangelical radicalism. This is why you have need of a great spirit, of great self control, and also, as your first catechist has said, of
great obedience to
the Church. This has always been the case. This witness, this proof, has been given by the saints: By St
Francis, by various charismatic people in different ages of the Church. It is true that radicalisation of faith is needed, yes, but it
must always be
situated within the life of the Church, and with her guidance, because the Church in her entirety has received the
Holy Spirit from Christ in the persons of the apostles after His resurrection. This joy that is in your surroundings, in your songs, in
behaviour, may very well be a sign of your southern temperament, but I hope it is a fruit of the Spirit, and I wish that it may be
so. Yes, the Church needs joy, because joy, with its different expressions is a revelation of happiness. So here man finds hi
faced with this fundamental vocation, we can say almost natural: man is created to be happy, for happiness. If he sees this
happiness, if he meets it in the expression of joy, he can start a way. Here I must say to you: the songs are good, your expre
of joy are good, but it is the Spirit who is the One who initiates the way.”

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