Monday, May 2, 2016

Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes:The Special Mass

The Mass last night was beautiful. We arrived 45 minutes early, and the front rows were already taken. There were so many people already there, and the church was filling up fast. We quickly had to find a seat, but I did not like sitting in the way back. We found a couple of brothers from our community we knew, and we squeezed into the pews with them. The church was packed. Although the Mass was opened to the public, I saw only the brothers in the Way.

The Genarinnis and Father Mario were there, and they did the admonitions and the readings. Father Julio sang the Gospel. Because the crowd was too large, there were no echoes. The NCW on Guam has approximately 1,200 brothers. There were many people taking photos of the catechists of the U.S. and of the Cardinal. At the end of the celebration after the priests have all walked off the altar, the brothers formed a circle and danced around the pews.

One of the amazing things we learned that night was that Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes is NOT a "Neo Cardinal" as the jungle claimed. He was never walking in the Way nor a member of the Neocatechumenal Way. What a surprise! And all along, the jungle claimed that he was a "Neo Cardinal." The Cardinal was assigned by Pope John Paul II to follow and guide the Charismatic Catholic Renewal in 1985 and then to also follow and guide the Neocatechumenal Way in 1986. He was only there to follow and guide us, but he was never a member of the Way.

We celebrated the Eucharist the way we had always celebrated it with the exception of the echoes......and lo and behold......this Cardinal who is NOT a "Neo" did not object to the way we celebrate it. This Cardinal who was assigned to GUIDE the Neocatechumenal Way since 1986 did not say that we are committing liturgical abuse.

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