Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Deacon Stephen Martinez: Clergyman losing faith in church's Leader

Deacon Stephen Martinez is hoping Archbishop Anthony Apuron will take action. He's written another letter to the head of the island's Catholic church not only concerned about Father Luis Camacho's recent arrest, but also about the Redempotoris Mater Seminary, where he learned to become a priest and its connection to the Neocatechumenal Way.

Fr. Luis was arrested last week after police found him with a 17-year-old girl parked at a beach in Agat. The girl was supposed to be in school at the time. According to Martinez, he alleges the two were engaging in cunnilingus.

Deacon Martinez used to be the Archdiocese of Guam's sexual abuse response coordinator (SARC), but was removed seven months ago. According to Martinez, he's not sure he why was suddenly ousted but two months prior to his removal he had brought up concerns regarding the church's sexual abuse policy. Deacon Martinez, who did not want to be interviewed for television, said at that time - and even till now - he is extremely concerned that the policy is flawed and could cause financial distress for the archdiocese. He pointed out that the policy has the potential for a conflict of interest.

For example, he says, "If there is an allegation against the archbishop and he decides not to move forward, then the policy becomes meaningless." In order to remedy this flaw Martinez had recommended that the policy be revised "allowing for a bishop from a different archdiocese to make the call."

But aside from the policy, Deacon Martinez is going public because he wrote he is "gravely concerned with a growing pattern of sexual deviancy from Redemptoris Mater Seminary-trained priests and seminarians" .

The deacon wrote about disturbing actions by members of the clergy citing an incident that occurred in November 2013 when a Father Eduvaldo during a Euchastric Congress warned young girls in attendance about boys saying "the boys will treat girls like oranges, sucking the sweet juice from them, and when they are all dried up the boys will spit them out,"

In another instance, the deacon wrote about a recent mass at the Cathedral Basilica in which the brother of Fr. Luis and RMS seminarian Gabe Camacho allegedly boasted to adults and children present, "I don't know how many girls I've taken advantage of...I should maybe have two children, three children, not even with the same woman". Martinez also wrote about his concerns about Fr. John Wadeson, who left Guam last year amid controversy.

"Fr. Wadeson was allowed to minister to parishes and Neocatechumenal Way communities in San Francisco even after the Archdiocese of Agana found out he had credible allegations of sexual abuse leveled against him while he was a priest teaching in Los Angeles".

The deacon accuses the archbishop of doing nothing and ignoring his own policies about sexual abuse, he believes it's time for Rome to intercede.

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