Thursday, May 5, 2016

Giuseppe & Claudia Gennarini: bring Clarification to some of the Issues raised by the Catholic community in Guam

The weblink above was an interview of Mr. and Mrs.Genarinni on the Travis Coffman talk show. First of all, thank you to the Genarinnis for taking the time to speak to the people of Guam to try and bring clarification to some of the issues raised by some people in the Catholic community. I am overjoyed to hear that he was not offended at the airport. He understood completely that the people were reacting as a result of the false information they were fed.

In regards to the RMS property, the jungle have always claimed that the Genarinnis own the RMS property. In fact, Bob Klitzkie was even demanding that the Archbishop's name be removed on the Certificate of Titles as the owner. For someone who shouts that the RMS property should be returned, I cannot imagine why he would demand the Archbishop's name be removed as owner. Go figure!!! Well, we now have it on record through the talk show that the Genarinnis do not own the RMS property. It came straight from the horse's mouth. Mr. Genarinni stated that the RMS property belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana and that the Archbishop has full control of the property. Because it came from the horse's mouth, that should be a consolation for everyone concerned and should also put an end to the controversy.

The liturgy was also brought up. In fact, someone even brought up the events of January, 2012. Mr. Genarinni explained that some bishops claimed that the NCW was in violation of liturgical practice, so naturally an investigation was launched due to hose complaints. After two years, the investigation found nothing and was dismissed by Pope Francis. The investigation into the NCW has been terminated due to unfounded allegations. Pope Francis takes his position as the Vicar of Christ very seriously; therefore, I doubt that he would terminate the investigation without first looking at the results.

Written by Paul Charfauros

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