Thursday, October 25, 2012

40 martyrs of England

This feast honors the hundreds of British men and women who died for their faith in wake of the dispute between the Pope and King Henry VIII during the 16th century. Many loyal Catholics were tortured and killed by the British state from 1535 to 1679.

In 1970, the Vatican selected 40 martyrs, men and women, lay and religious, to represent the full group of about 300. Each martyr has their own day of memorial, but they are all remembered as a group on October 25. Learn more about these martyrs here.

The forty martyrs are:

Augustine Webster
John Houghton
Robert Lawrence

Richard Reynolds

John Stone

Alexander Briant
Edmund Arrowsmith
Edmund Campion
David Lewis
Henry Morse
Henry Walpole
Nicholas Owen
Philip Evans
Robert Southwell
Thomas Garnet

Alban Roe
Ambrose Edward Barlow
John Roberts
Friars Observant
John Jones

John Wall
Secular Clergy
Cuthbert Mayne
Edmund Gennings
Eustace White
John Almond
John Boste
John Kemble
John Lloyd
John Pain
John Plesington
John Southworth
Luke Kirby
Polydore Plasden
Ralph Sherwin

John Rigby
Philip Howard
Richard Gwyn
Swithun Wells

Lay women
Anne Line
Margaret Clitherow
Margaret Ward