Saturday, March 23, 2013

“What are we going to do? This man is performing many signs.” (John 11: 45-46)

The Priests and Pharisees are evidently cementing their hatred and anger.  What irritate them are the signs that Jesus works.  The signs are the words and gestures that in Jesus become extraordinarily efficacious.  They feed the hungry, free the prisoners, give sight to the blind, raise to life those who seemed dead and really were!  They are signs that are seen and at the same time, lead beyond, generating in the mind and heart of those who see them, other signs, and other life.

This witness of Jesus makes the Father visible and fulfills the ancient prophecies that spoke of the Messiah.  They are irrevocable.  And yet, these all too evident signs are disturbing.  They arouse suspicion and obligate us to question ourselves.  If all this disrupts the system we have created, even for our faith, if it invalidates the representation of the God we have built and adore, then it is better to eliminate it.  This is the decision that the leaders of the Priests and the Doctors of the law made.  We must eliminate Jesus.  We must kill Him.  It is better for one man to die instead of the people…it is better for one to die right away, than risk the whole nation perishing.

The death of one alone will reveal another sign that will be dramatically effective. It will be the definitive sign that brings salvation to those who recognize it and interpret it positively in their life.  Instead, it will bring death and destruction to those who deny it, who do not listen, and do not recognize it for what it is.
Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will thank the Lord for the signs He continues to pour out on our history, the most recent one is that of our Pope Francis.  With a few signs, he has told us to love the poor, to love the people, to desire an evangelization that excludes no one.  With his simple, humble prayer, he brings me to Jesus, the source of all mercy. 

- Living Scritpure