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Neocatechumenal Way: Community Life Taking Over your Privacy and Intimacy

One of the main things you loose during walking in the Way is your privacy.
Privacy related to thoughts, feelings, persons...and privacy related to intimacy in your life as individual person, your marriage, your relationship with friends and family...and over all, in your deepest "self" and your counciousness.

Let's say it openly: the Neocatechumenal Way does remove your internal forum.

The most time you spend into, more control will take your catechists, the priests (RMs) and those brothers and sisters of your community over your privacy and intimacy.

There, you learn by doing to have your mind, your spirit, your soul as an empty cristal glass. Not because of not having sins, fails and imperfections, but because "you" and "your life" is like a gallery 24h/7d open for exhibition.

Since God sees in your deepest and all will be put under His light, Kiko understands it is better to show your intimacy and privacy for your catechists and community just straight and without anesthesia. Just stop living for you and let us know everything.

It is the mechanism employed by excellence in the Way. You can not stay walking just hearing. If you do that, you are a complete selfish. As you hear your brothers and sisters, they have to hear you. If you are the classic person who prefers listening than talking, you will be exhorted to be more opened.

Sooner or later you'll throw til your first pap. If you do not do it spontaneously, they will make you vomit. Kiko thinks each person is "zero plus the sin". The Way is, by his own words, the most efficient detergent. You can say you do not like the container, you would prefer a different colour or fragance, but you must conclude it is the best.

While in a normal adult life you live without giving explanations or asking others on what do you have to do, supposedly you are able to self-governing your own things and matters, in the Way things are the opposite. You have to explain what, when, where, why, your catechist and your community. In fact, the controlling figure of the "guarantor" is introduced in the last part of the Way.

A neocatechumenal does not understand God does not ask him for telling his intimacy to others.
He does not understand he has the right to NOT reveal the content of his consciousness and you too, which means you are not obligated to know his life in his intimacy.

Of course, he does not understand everybody has the same right, as well as the freedom of saying "I do not want to listen to you"..."I am not obliged"..."please, do not tell me your last details of every aspect in your life".

He just belives his faith depends on your listening, it is, on "you have to listen to me" yes or yes.
Why? Because he belives in Kiko's adoctrination system as the original and truly and wanted by God. It is "giving you the Kerygma: you listen to me, then God sends His Holy Spirit and confirms all inside you and then you will convert". Faith comes by ears. Really it comes from a neocatechumenal inspired mouth.

The most he talks, more converted you -supposedly- will be. Maybe that is true: not everybody is able to bear a neocatechumenal preaching. Neocatechumenals are almost always unbearable. They are the most opposite of silent and hidden monks.

At the same time, in the Neocatechumenal Way is understood it would hurt less if you tell "something" quickly and by your own initiative. If you are a lier, it would be better to recognize it during your first scrutiny than when your third.

Kiko says it openly: when you talk about it, it heals. So, you have to talk even about your toenails, if necessary, to be healed. So, you listen to resonances in Saturday's eucharist and everybody will show jingles of sins and defects. Sometimes there is a competition to know who is the most horrible of all.

It is such a debugging process.
That is why when a common person who has no very special things to tell because his life is quite normal and simple, is called a "lineal" and "grey trousers" (which always combine with all colours) by his catechists.

Not having much to tell, in the Way is seen as a deception from Devil, because it is impossible that if God is working so hard with you, you will never have nothing to tell. It is like calling God a liar. Your zeal to proclaim the Gospel makes your tongue being always ready for movement.

Another justification to be constantly throwing your dishes in front of your community is that anybody will help you if you are "closed". If you keep something for your intimacy, nor God nor your community can give you "a word". You can not keep anything only for you.

That "for you" includes "your marital life", "your family life", etc. etc. Your community knows EVERYTHING OF EVERY MEMBER and many times it includes "all people who live around him": mother, father, brother, sister, family in law, daughter, son, niece, uncle, unty, friends, etc. etc.

It is aberrant. I have my mom still into the Way and I know they do know everything of my life through her despite being out since ten years ago.

The incredible thing is, while you are there, you will finish to accept it with naturally and without having to make any special vow. You are tied but with a invisible tie. And that is why many people stay so much time thinking around before leaving the Way: you are afraid of all information they have about you and your people.

The lack of importance about own intimacy in the Way is reflected in some of neocatechumenal signs. Which is the most private act you use to do as a catholic in your "public" life? Confession? But how? In a box?

Why do they need to confess sins in a confessional box? What do you have to confess to a priest when you are "confessing" all time and everything to others in your community?

That is why, in the Neocatechumenal Way, they use to do penitential celebrations in their own style.

It is much like a bureaucratic thing you have to do just two or three times along the year, always in community and giving more importance to the fact you are part of an asembly, the people of God, who sing toghether (sing=pray twice, by Kiko) and ask for forgiveness toghether...and after, let's eat and drink toghether with an agape. Party over all.

Thinking on Apuron's theme, it is hard to belive, in my humble opinion, he would had never told his catechist, Gennarini, about his sins. If Apuron was a convinced neocatechumenal, he should have talked about his whole life in front of his community.

In my community were some Redemptoris Mater (first being semminarians and then priests) and all of us had to hear their sins and faults and temptations as from any other lay brother. And I mean all kind of sins.

It is impossible to hide any sin in front of your catechists. I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E.

I know it sounds terrible, but it is much easier to hide a sin in front of a priest in confession than in front of them.

If I turn the homelet in the pan, I have never seen a priest in confession being cruel and violent...but I do have seen a catechist being cruel and violent wiht his neocatechumenals. In Spain, in fact, there is one itinerant responsible of evangelization known as "R., the cruel". Another called "the taliban".

Maybe Gennarini is like a sister of mercy as catechist. Maybe he uses pure vaselin. Maybe Apuron has never talked about his "most private" behaviours. Or maybe he speaks digressing and Genarinni can not catch him on fly. Maybe Apuron has never allowed Gennarini to scrutinize him.

Anyway, even in case Apuron had kept "it" hidden for his catechist, we just know the internal "Policy" of the Way in similar cases. If you have been abused, then you are told to forgive your abuser. Most: you have to ask him for forgiveness because he was your enemy and you judged him in your heart...If you were the abuser, just confess and sin no more.

I knew a case of an itinerant who was in mission in a foreign country. Each time he had to come back to Spain for a convivence with Kiko or a "step" whith his original community, he was accommodated at some family of his community's home...

But as he had commited sexual abuses some time ago and they knew it, they decided to "remove the dead from their own back" and accommodating him in other's home from another family of another community of the same parish. Of course they did not say anything. And he again comited abuses, but at least children abused were not from his own community.

That is the way of resolving real grave things in the Way. Your catechist will tell you your history was right, it was for your conversion....blablabla. But he will not admit Apuron at his home knowing just some rumours. He would tell some excuse and find another home for the "supposedly" abuser.

I always remind Kiko and Gennarini have the right to call the Police when somebody shows them a simple poster with "Go home!", but any neocatechumenal has the right to do the same when is a victim of a crime.

In the Way they are more zelous teaching you to sing properly the "Shemá Israel" than worrying about real grave things.

I can not understand why anybody from "the 12" of Kiko or "the 72" does not face this problem with Apuron with a little of common sense. Well, surely they have their brains evaporated due to excesive dancing around the fire.

Maybe Apuron is a false neocatechumenal...Or maybe he is one of the VIP NCW club and lives the Neocatechumenal Way over Kiko's rules. As he does. As Carmen did.

By the way, rumours said she was cremated, not buried. That is totally against Kiko's teachings. That is totally "unchristian".

One thing I'm sure: if Apuron was not in the NCW, nor Kiko nor Diana will loose a minute with him.

 Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch correspondent from Spain.

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